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Still Waters, April 18th, 2020

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Still Waters, April 18th, 2020

Currently Daniels Reservoir is as good a place as any for good still water fishing with chironomid activity providing the bulk for such. Take time to find the taking depth which could vary depending on location. Damselfly nymph and small leech patterns also produce.    If the wind comes up, be sure to try around the shoreline discolored water where food items are washed out by erosion. The same applies to Hawkins Reservoir which is easier to reach, especially because we do not know for sure if the road from there over to Daniels Reservoir is open. One thing is certain for both reservoirs is that there will be less out of state fishing visits for the immediate future. Springfield Reservoir remains a convenient still water to try, but successful fishing there seems to be a day by day happening. Try midge pupa patterns, but find the taking depth. Small black or purple leech patterns also seem effective.