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Stillwater 9-10-18

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Stillwater 9-10-18

Most the stillwater fishing in the area would be classified as “Fair”.  The best stillwater fishing the last couple weeks has been at Hebgen. We are still hearing of some gulper fishing, but the indicator and slow sinking lines have been taking a fair amount of fish too. Smaller leeches and Callibaetis nymphs would be what I would start with. Folks are having decent fishing on Daniels, Chesterfield, and Springfield Reservoirs, but nothing crazy yet. I think all three are ready to open up and start fishing very well as soon as we get some colder weather. We have heard Chesterfield has a mild algae bloom, but it should totally dissipate as the weather starts to cool. When it does chironomids and leech patterns should be very effective in the shallows all around the lake. Like our Henry’s Lake report mentioned, I would strongly recommend having at least 3 different lines with you to fish our area stillwaters. On the reservoirs outside of Henry’s Lake, I would recommend having a floating line set up for indicator fishing and dry & dry dropper set ups. The Rio Gold has been our best selling floating line and performs perfect for the tasks mentioned. Second, I would have an intermediate sinking line for fishing the 3-8ft depth range that we commonly fish on the southern reservoirs. We have a few different options for intermediates in the shop, but the SA frequency and Cortland Clear Camo line seem to be the best performers. Last, I would have either a type 3 or type 4 for those days where things just aren’t happening in the shallows and you really need to get down to the fish. Here I would recommend either the SA wet cell type 4 or the In touch Deep 3 from Rio. The intouch deep 3 from rio has the new “non stretch” core that really transmits feel and strikes better than any full sinking line I’ve used before.