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Today at Jimmy’s 1-07-08

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Today at Jimmy’s 1-07-08

We are having some crazy weather in Idaho Falls this new year. It is close to 40 degrees outside right now, and on Sunday it was -10 when I started my truck that morning. Winter fishing can be really productive on the local rivers that remain open year around. You really have to pick your days. For example today would be a good day to go fishing if you don’t mind the wind. By the time the weekend rolls around, it will be pretty cold again and fishing will be limited to ice fishing on the local reservoirs.

Today Jimmy reorginized our C&F Box display. We have received at least 10 new C&F boxes. Along with the boxes we have received alot more inserts to customize your C&F Box. Come down and check out the new boxes. We still have a few Sage Fli’s marked $50 off retail price. Sage has discountinued the FLi and replaced it with the new Sage Flight. The FLi’s still carry Sage’s awesome warranty, and include a rod tube.