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Today at Jimmy’s 1-2-09

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Today at Jimmy’s 1-2-09

Over the next few days we’ll be closing the books on ’08 and begin making plans for the new year. We’ll have a updated schedule of our regular tying classes and also some of the special topic courses that we’ll offer through mid-March. Watch the web site or stop by the shop for these updates.

On your next trip to the shop if you notice that things look brighter and easier to see its because we replaced the ballasts and bulbs in our light fixtures.  Its part of an energy efficiency program offered by Idaho Falls Power. The new retro-fit will cut our energy use significantly and at the same time has made the shop much brighter.

Tomorrow’s tying demo features Randy Randolph. Randy will be tying a variety of patterns including some of his great looking balsa patterns. The demo starts at 10 am.