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Today at Jimmy’s 11-20-08

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Today at Jimmy’s 11-20-08

Today we received our Buffs head wear order. We have expanded our selection on Buffs Head wear to accommodate more of our customers. Buffs head wear is a modified bandanna that is typically used as sun protection while outside. Buffs became very popular with saltwater fisherman while out on the flats boat, and have found popularity with freshwater fisherman in the last few years. Although a buff has many uses, I want to highlight a few of my favorite uses for the Buff.  During the summer you can use your buff as sun protection for your face as I mentioned before. One of the most popular ways is to put the buff up and over your nose and cover your ears. Than put your hat, and sunglasses on. This completely covers your face from the sun, and offers great UV protection. Buff provides two models to wear in the sun. The Original Buff and the UV Buff. Both models offer sun protection, but the UV Buff has 30 SPF and coolmax built into the fabric. Coolmax is a fabric that is breathable and keeps the skin cool at the same time. Another great Buff application is a bandanna around your neck. During those hot July and August days in the afternoon, take you buff off dip it in the river and put it around your neck. You will be surprised how quickly you will cool down. If you have ever used a Buff you will agree that after wearing one all day it is amazing how much better you feel at the end of the day. Your face isn’t fried and beat up from the sun.

Many of you might be wondering if a Buff is useful on days when the sun isn’t shining, and fishing in stormy weather. I personally use a buff everyday! Buff also has a model called the Polar Buff. This piece has multiple applications. It can be used for hunting, skiing, fishing, camping or hiking in cold weather. The Polar Buff has polar fleece attached to the bottom of it to help trap body heat, allowing you to stay warm while outside in the elements.

Come on down to the shop and see all of our new Buff designs. They make great gifts or stocking stuffers for anyone who loves the outdoors. We have a great selection to choose from including womens styles.