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Today at Jimmy’s 11/15

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Today at Jimmy’s 11/15

We have got a few new items in the shop I would like to share with you all. With the weather getting cold it becomes really important to start layering your clothing under your waders and wading jacket. All three of the clothing companies we sell here at the shop Simms, Patagonia, and Redington have really good pieces for layering.Over the next few weeks I am going to be outlining what layering is and how to do it. I meet people all the time still wearing jeans under their waders. Not only is this uncomfortable but if you fall in and get wet the cotton will pull body heat from you making you much colder.

Today I am going to spotlight some Simms clothing that is essential to keeping you warm while out in the weather and fishing this time of year through the winter.

Simms has come out with a new line of what we call “next to skin” clothing or “long underwear.” It is a Merino wool top and bottom. Wool has always been a great layering piece for cold weather mostly because it still keeps you warm and traps body heat when its wet. However when we think of wool we don’t think of comfort, especially when it is next to our skin. Merino wool is a more refined softer type of wool that is very comfortable as a next to skin piece and surprisingly breathes fairly well. The Simms DownUnder Merino baselayer comes in a zip neck top and an elastic waist bottom.

The next piece I would like to feature is the Simms Waderwick Fleece Top. Fleece is the next piece of clothing I put on after my “next to skin” garment when layering up to go fishing. Fleece is an incredible peice of material. It is soft on the skin, retains heat and breathes extremely well. Also when fleece gets wet only 3% of the material will absorb water. Ever notice when you wash fleece and pull it out of the washing machine it already feels dry? Simms has been producing the Waderwick Fleece Top for many years, its a must for any fisherman in cold weather or during the nights and early mornings of summer.

The Simms Waderwick Fleece Top comes in Simms Orange (pictured) and Black.