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Today at Jimmy’s 12-26-2008

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Today at Jimmy’s 12-26-2008

Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho got pounded by great winter storm that left 12 new inches in the valley and more in the surrounding mountains. Thats good news for our winter snow pack and for water next year. My back is a little sore from shoveling and moving snow for several hours on Christmas day.  There is more snow in the forecast too. It would be great to have back to back years of good water.

Several new tying materials arrived today. Two new colors of furry foam came. The new colors are crawdad orange and crab tan. Some of the uses for furry foam include bodies for nymphs and saltwater patterns.

We have a new dubbing from Hairline called Rainbow Scud Dub. It a mixture of 4 colors of Ice Dub. It will make great looking scud bodies or use it on the adomen of beadhead flies. It comes in two shades: light and dark.

For tiers that build foam flies two new adhesives arrived. One is a from 3M named Super 77 and it comes in a spray can. The other is ZAP-O. Its thicker than regular Zap a Gap. When both of these adhesives dry they don’t cause the foam to shrink and crack like some adhesives do.