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Today at Jimmy’s 12/5/14

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Today at Jimmy’s 12/5/14

As many of you know, we have been remodeling for the past few weeks here in the shop. Well, we are finally finished! The shop is looking great and just in time for our weekly fly tying demonstrations. We had Gary Barnes tie in the shop last week and this week Greg Messel will be tying for us. Greg will also have a knot tying workshop at the end of his tying demo that is free and available for anyone who wants to participate. This will be a great chance to polish your knot tying skills, you may even learn a new knot or two. The demo will start at 10 A.M. and go into the afternoon. We hope to see you all there!


Gregg received a Lee Wulff Garcia fiberglass fly rod on his tenth birthday. It’s still in his rod collection.  He grew up fishing for panfish and bass in Indiana while dreaming of trout fishing in the West.  He caught his first trout at age 16 in Rocky Mountain National Park. He was hooked!  He began tying flies in 1972 for catching Missouri hatchery trout while attending college.  The same year he obtained a copy of Garcia’s fishing annual and began dreaming of fishing Montana rivers featured in that magazine. In 1973 he was off to Montana to sight see and fly fish. Now hooked even more deeply, he vowed to retire there, and meanwhile increased his fly fishing experience by fishing around our great country and in Europe. His vow came true when he settled in Three Forks in 1990.  His flies are easy to tie and effective. He titles his demo “Fun with Foam.” So bring your notebooks and questions and enjoy Gregg’s first demo at Jimmy’s. But that’s not all Gregg will do at Jimmy’s on Saturday, December 6th.