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Today at Jimmy’s 2-27

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Today at Jimmy’s 2-27

I got the oppertunity to go fishing yesterday on the lower South Fork. We had a really good time and the fishing was pretty good. We found most of our success in the afternoon. Mostly nymphing and a small amount of streamer fishing. We didn’t see a soul until we decided to head back to the truck and passed some gear fisherman. Winter fishing is a lot of fun and the water is so crystal clear. It was fun to see fish suspended in the deep water.

Eric Beck Fishing in Feb.

Eric was kind enough to pose for me while I snapped this shot. We found most of our success in the tailout’s of the riffles. We also found good success in the deep eddy pools.

Winter time Cutthroat Trout

This Yellowstone Cutthroat fell victim to a squirrel streamer. Stripping streamers can produce some fish just remember to strip them really slow and let them sink to the bottom.

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I tried to cross the river three different times. Each time I tried to cross I put myself in a situation were almost went swimming. That would have ended my day of fishing really quick. The river looks low and slow but it is still very powerful. So be careful while fishing.