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Today at Jimmy’s


One of the duties we have in the shop each Fall is placing orders for the next year. Much of the inventory we recieve each year is placed 6 ot 8 months before its arrives into the shop. It is slow and tedious work and reminds me of writing a big term paper in college. We do this each Fall for 25 to 30 major companies that supply us. So 30 term papers later I’m happy to report that we are done for the Fall of 08.

We’ll keep you informed as some of the new items arrrive. Between now and Spring most of the new items will be tying materials.

This week we did get two new materials. We now have a bigger size of tungsten bead. They are 7/32″ (5.5mm) in 4 colors: gold, silver, black and copper. Tiers who needed a larger tungsten bead for streamers requested this bigger size.

We also brought in oval uni-tinsel in 4 sizes in both gold and silver. The Largartun varnished tinsel has jumped in price significantly so we decided to bring in another more econimcal oval tinsel for ribbing flies. We will still continue to carry larguatun tinsels and wires too