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Today at Jimmy’s

We at Jimmy’s have accumulated a fly-fishing experience unequaled in this part of the Greater Yellowstone Region. Yes, we target the most visited waters here, then in our fishing reports offer top grade information for having success fishing these.  In addition, we continuously visit and fish quality but lesser known regional waters throughout the season. Many of these waters, still or moving, are “off the beaten path.”  Others are on the beaten path but overlooked  because of proximity to most visited waters or offer good winter fishing.   Through this “visit as many as possible” approach we can provide solid information for planning your next trip in the region.  This approach also helps reveal the nearly endless choice of quality waters available in the region to visiting and local fly-fishers.  Thus a few times a month this winter we will offer web site articles featuring lesser known bodies of water offering a good measure of solitude, wildlife viewing, and scenic beauty in addition to great fishing.  Look for information within on best time to visit, suitable fly patterns, tackle choice, and directions.  And do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on any water we discuss.