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Today at Jimmy’s 7-31-12

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Today at Jimmy’s 7-31-12

Sage is always at the top of the list when it comes to fly rod innovation and the new CIRCA rod we just received today is no exception. The new CIRCA is designed as a slow action rod for people who really like to feel the rod they are fishing. Although not for every situation, this rod will be an incredible dry fly rod and one worth adding to your collection. We have two CIRCA rods in the shop, an 8’9 3wt and a 8’9 4wt. We would love to show you all these rods and even take them out to cast. Come by the shop and check them out.



CIRCA rods are a technologically advanced collection of slow action rods that will appeal to the angler with a slower, more deliberate casting tempo, while realising a fast recovery, accuracy and overall high performance.

Using Konnetic ™ technology, the CIRCA collection has more carbon fibres packed into a smaller diameter blank, resulting in a radically narrow taper throughout the length of the rod. This results in a consistently slow, yet responsive action from butt to tip.

The casts are methodically smooth and graceful, yet crisp and purposeful. Sensitivity gives the angler precision for the control needed for delicate presentations and is said to be the ideal rod for ‘matching the hatch’ style fisheries and conditions.

CIRCA features include:

  • Green Tea shaft with Olive Slate colour trim wraps
  • Vera wood insert with black aluminium reel seat and winding check
  • Custom Sage snub nose half-wells grip
  • Black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold silkscreen
  • Desert Gold coloured tube with black caps.

The collection will be available in six different four-piece models.

  • 7’9″ 2 weight
  • 7’9″ 3 weight
  • 8’9″ 3 weight
  • 7’9″ 4 weight
  • 8’9″ 4 weight
  • 8’9″ 5 weight