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Today at Jimmys 8-04-09

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Today at Jimmys 8-04-09

After too long of absense from our shop we are happy to have Peterson’s Liquid Cork floatant back on the shelf.  Its made locally by Lance Peterson and his floatant has a strong following. Its a very liquid floatant that works well on all kinds of dries – tiny sizes as well as big dries. For those of you that like to mix up white gas and mucilin I would suggest Lance’s stuff because its safer and works just as well. (Especially around cigar smoking flyfishers)

We are closing out our supply of the the Simms Felt Sole river sandals at $65.00 down from $89.95. We still have plenty of sizes. The new Simms sandal with the vibram sole has become very popular so its time for the felt models to go.