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Today at Jimmys 9-01-09

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Today at Jimmys 9-01-09

We are starting to see some of the new products that will be available beginning this Fall and into next year.

SIMMS is coming out with a line of insect repeling clothing named “No Fly Zone” next Spring. We’ll be ordering it this Fall to make sure we have a good inventory for next year.¬† We’ll have the new Sage XI3 rods in soon. They are made primarily for salt water and are light than the XI2 rods they are replacing.

We are going to reorganize our fly tying materials area late this Fall (after fishing and hunting slows down!) and bring in some new materials that we think will work for this area. We are always open to suggestions on what material to carry so feel free to recommend a material that you would like us to add.

This week we did add 11 new colors of Arizona Simi Seal. Simi seal as a wet fly/streamer  dubbing that we use on the bodies of nymphs, leeches, steelhead flies and streamers.