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Today at Jimmy’s 9-30-09

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Today at Jimmy’s 9-30-09

We have received some new Simms gear this week. We have a new hooded Softshell jacket and some new waderwick tops with our logo on the chest. We have also put most of our Cloudveil items on closeout. Come into the shop and check out our fall sale.

RIO has introduced a new line this year. The Trout LT line is taking the place of the Selective Trout II Line. The Trout LT is designed for Medium to Slow action rods, when soft presentation of small flies to picky trout is essential. The Trout LT line is available in the Olive/Cream color. Some suggested fly rods that work great with the new RIO Trout LT line is the Sage ZXL, Winston BIIt, and the Scott G2.

The RIO Gold Trout line has a new color this year. The Gold line is available in the Olive/Gold, and the new Orange/White color. RIO has introduced the two-tone fly line in the Gold and Trout LT.