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Today at Jimmy’s 03-03-2009

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Today at Jimmy’s 03-03-2009

We have a lot of things going on at Jimmy’s right now. We have received some new tying material from Natures Spirit. Many of you who read this blog have heard me rant and rave about Natures Spirit before. There are many reasons why I continue to talk about this company. Bottom line, Natures Spirit produces some of the best tying materials available, period! We have received some new material here at the shop that made our jaws drop when we saw the quality of the material.

  • Whitetail Deer hair
  • Wild Turkey Barred Biot Quills
  • Stripped Wild Turkey Barred Biots
  • Ringneck Pheasant 6 Side Tails
  • Bleached and Dyed Peacock Sticks

We have also received 4 new colors of Blue Eared Pheasant. This material is used as a replacement for heron feathers.

As are continuing to bulk up our tying inventory and offer you more and more different tying materials. As we do this we have started to put multiple colors of the same material on the same peg. If you have a hard time finding a color, please feel free to ask any of us in the shop. Also remember if we don’t have it, we can check to see if we can get it! Speacail orders are at no extra cost to you, and we happy to help you.