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Today at Jimmy’s, March 31st, 2020

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Today at Jimmy’s, March 31st, 2020

March South Fork

The last day of March, and most public agencies are now recommending that outdoor activities, fishing included, are safe to enjoy during these uncertain times because they enhance social distancing. Fly-fishers always prefer social distancing when on the water, and none of us likes to be within six feet of each other (excepting when boating), especially during casting actions!    Also the further we separate from our fellow fly-fishers while on the water, the better the “one that got away” stories become!  So getting out to the water can be a great and safe way the relieve the boredom of being cooped up.

With springtime advancing, more water is becoming approachable. The lower Henry’s Fork is losing stream-side ice and snow each day. BWOs, midges and the beginnings of March brown mayflies make for active top water fishing.  Streamers and any pattern imitating a stonefly nymph bring action if you prefer to fish deeper.  On the South Fork boat ramps are opening up, flow out of Palisades Dam has been near constant for about a week, midges remain active making fishing adjacent to riffles and runs productive, and streamers and fly patterns imitating a stonefly nymph can bring action.  Nearby still waters such a Springfield Reservoir and Jim Moore Pond offer midge activity and nymphing for boating fly fishers.  It is catch and release season on many streams, so consulting 2020 fishing regulations can reveal which can be fished now or when roads open up.   Such as lower Fall and Warm Rivers, the main stem Snake River, Willow Creek (but not its tributaries), the Dry Beds, and the Big Lost River from Mackay Dam downstream are candidates.  We can provide information on fishing all of these, and we welcome you to get in touch for information on any of these and other waters.