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Warm Waters 7-16-16

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Warm Waters 7-16-16

We usually do not receive a lot of warm water fishing information because most information comes from trout fishing, the major angling interest regionally. This year we and other local shops are receiving even less on warm waters because of increased restrictions and added inconveniences.  Here are a few. Invasive species regulations (up to date boat sticker purchase requirement and verification), no fishing from boats and no wading (only fishing from shore) on Deep and Devil’s Creek Reservoirs, and the lack of boat inspection stations in Franklin County, the location of so many of reservoirs hosting warm water fish species. The Franklin County situation is that the only boat inspection station is on U. S. Highway 89 just north of the Idaho-Utah border. Thus persons wanting to fish county reservoirs, including those further north in the county where most are located, must go almost to the Utah border first for an inspection and its verification certificate. Add to that the $20 fee required for non-Franklin county residents and good for only five days, and the result is that visitation to these reservoirs is way down compared to past years.  For those willing to bear this burden, crowding is not a problem, but there certainly is an impact on fishing time for those anglers residing north of Franklin County.