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Warmwater 6-10-13

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Warmwater 6-10-13

Bluegill are finally being caught with some consistency down at Twin Lakes. We have been hearing a mixed bag of reports from down there but it seems like this last warm spell has finally got them going. With the water situation we have this year though, traditional bluegill areas might not be as good in years past. If you don’t find them where you usually do just keep searching and checking out different areas until you find them, they are there. We have been hearing good reports from other Preston area lakes like Winder and Lamont so hopefully the Bluegill fishing will be good the next couple of weeks.


Bass fishing is good and will continue to get better, especially for Largemouth. Any Preston area lake you like to fish would be good, but I would pay special attention to Twin Lakes and Glendale for Largemouth.  If you prefer Smallmouth, American Falls Reservoir and the Snake below are fishing very well right now. Its spawning time for smallies so look for them to be in shallow water and very aggressive.


Carp fishing at Blackfoot Reservoir and the Snake River is great right now. This is a fun time of year to sight cast to carp if weather permits. If you get a windy day, fish any good looking flat and look for mud lines to signal the carp are feeding. Fly choice won’t be terribly important, I would start big and go smaller if the carp aren’t responding to the bigger stuff. San Juan Worms always work………..