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Warmwater 9/16/13

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Warmwater 9/16/13

I apologize for not updating the warmwater section of the fishing reports for a while now, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of information to pass on.

Ririe Reservoir has fished well for Smallmouth all summer and should only get better as we get some cooler weather. There are lots of small fish being caught shallow, but few larger fish. Those large fish seem to be out in water over 10ft deep. Down around Preston, many of the lakes have been drawn down pretty low this year and this has kept a lot of people from fishing. The weed growth has made things tough, but for those willing to do a little searching, there are still plenty of nice bass to be had. Fishing baitfish patterns on sinking lines has been good, as well as poppers for small fish. All Preston area lakes should really improve with the cooler weather we have coming.

Carp fishing has been hit or miss all summer for people. Blackfoot Reservoir has been either really good, or really bad, with the same thing going on down on the lower snake too. When the carp are in, the same techniques that work all spring have been effective. If the carp are not in, or not feeding, it has made for some really tough fishing.

We have not heard many panfish reports this summer in the shop, but that doesn’t mean anything. As things cool off and water levels start to come back the panfishing down around Preston can be really good. With all the lakes relatively close to each other, its fun to take a full day and fish two or three different reservoirs and try and get on the fish.

Warmwater fish do not get a whole lot of attention in the area come fall. People are hunting, Steelhead fishing, fishing streamers, etc… but they are missing out on some of the best warmwater fishing of the year. Give us a call at the shop if you have any questions at all.