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Yellowstone Park 10-7-17

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Yellowstone Park 10-7-17

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If you are looking for some of the best streamer fishing available for brown trout this time of year, locations on the Lewis River provide some of the most outstanding in this area. The river between Shoshone and Lewis Lakes offers the best in the park if not the Greater Yellowstone region, at least with respect to numbers of fish.  The trick is to arrive there as early in the day as possible making an overnight stay at the Shoshone Lake outlet campground the best way to do so.  Requiring a 4.5 mile walk as well as having appropriate gear is not suitable for some fly-fishers, but there are easier to approach locations on the river that can offer good fishing, but again the key is to arrive early in the day.  Lewis Lake outlet and the lake itself just above the outlet are good alternative locations requiring only a short walk.  There are fewer fish in the river flowing through the roadside meadow below Lewis Falls, but they run larger than in other locations. In all these locations unsettled or stormy weather typically results in the best fishing.  But because elevation is close to 8000 feet, there is an increased chance for winter driving conditions during this weather. So having a vehicle appropriately equipped is advisable.