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Yellowstone Park 7-8-14

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Yellowstone Park 7-8-14

It is amazing how much snow is left in the Park’s high country! Extensive areas on the Madison and Pitchstone Plateaus have snow cover remaining. Rangers who have traveled to these places say drifts up to three feet in depth remain.This bodes well for all drainages ( Bechler, Fall, Firehole, Lewis Rivers) from these places. Cool water from snow melt will keep dependent streams in the best fly-fishing shape well into this summer. This is now the case with Fall River Basin streams which are all running high for this time of year, but are clear and cool indicating a gradual run-off. The large PMDs that emerge this time of year are ongoing on all these streams with trout responding to them during PM hours.  Look for a good afternoon green drake event followed by a great evening brown drake event on all these streams in the upcoming days.