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Yellowstone Park 6-16-15

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Yellowstone Park 6-16-15

Now that weather is warming significantly, here’s some thoughts on planning a trip to fish Yellowstone Park streams. Things are happening early this season because of relatively meager run-off. Flows on some Park streams, such as those in Fall River Basin, are at amounts usually expected around the first and even middle of July.  This suggests that barring big rainfalls, streams by mid-July could be lower than normal and with higher than normal water temperatures.  Such conditions slow fishing.  Thus the earlier you fish Park streams this season, the better are your chances for fishing success. And remember that in the past the Park has limited fishing when water temps get to levels that are dangerous for trout survival.

Trout Lake in the northeast corner of the Park opened to fishing yesterday.   This lake hosts some of the largest cutthroat-rainbow hybrid trout in Park waters.  However it warms and mosses up quickly. If you plan to visit there do so within the next few weeks in this year of low water. Be sure to have your damselfly life cycle and leech patterns.  You can wade much of the lake shoreline, or you can pack a flotation device the six-tenths of a mile to the lake. It’s a uphill walk, but the reward could be the best fish of the year.