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Yellowstone Park 6-19-09

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Yellowstone Park 6-19-09

Rain has kept streams high, but this bodes well for a good seson extending into late summer and autumn. The Madison River drainage is probably best bet for moving water with PMDs, a few gisnt and golden stones, and caddis on almost all waters. The Lewis River between Shoshone and Lewis lakes is a great palce to try streamers. Here and below Lewis Lake  the green drake emergence wiil begin in about a week.  Trout Lake opened on the 15th, and it hosts the largest cutthroat-rainbows in the Park.  Scuds, midges, damsels and small leech patterns are the best here until it mosses up with the onset of warmer weather.  In the southwest corner of the Park, runoff reigns supreme and will for a while yet. The Ashton-Flagg Road is days away from opening all the way through.  You can use it now to access lower reaches of Fall River in the Park, but run-off makes the river almost unfishable.