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Yellowstone Park 6-21-16

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Yellowstone Park 6-21-16

Good news for all you Beula Lake fans. The Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road is open. It’s a bit rough in places, so drive your vehicle accordingly. In the early season damselfly nymph and small leech patterns work best here. Cinnamon caddis, speckled dun, and damselfly emergences are not far away. Access to Fall River is also open at several places along the Ashton-Flagg Road. River flow is low for the time of year because April was warm enough to melt a good amount of snow at higher elevation.  Dry fly fishing is good along the river with PMDs, yellow sallies, caddisflies, and some green drakes emerging. Wind blown giant and golden stoneflies will bring trout to the surface.   Compare the visits to Fall River Basin with those to the Yellowstone and Madison drainages within the Park, and you will see why the Basin is such a great place to fly-fish. We can provide information for fishing Fall River Basin throughout the fishing season. It’s at your finger tips if you get in touch with us!