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Yellowstone Park 7-04-09

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Yellowstone Park 7-04-09

The Firehole River chugs along with good caddis, white miller, and PMD activity providing action during PMs and an AM PMD spinner fall.  Don’t overlook trying dry damselfly patterns.  Expect the river to begin warming up and fishing to slow as we advance into summer. The Madison River in the Park features an evening caddis hatch that brings action. The Gibbon’s brown drake hatch should begin any day now, and the  Gallatin River is clearing & warming.  The Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek are still high and have some discolor. Fall River Basin streams are shaping up, but good dry fly fishing is about a week or so away. When that begins, look for PMDs and sallys to provide the first action.  Beula Lake currently provides some of the best fishing action in the Park.  The fish here are not as big as some other still waters, but 18″-19″  individuals are fairly common.  Only Yellowstone cutts are present.   Want strategy tips for  trying Fall River Basin waters? Get in touch with us.