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Yellowstone Park 7-05-10

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Yellowstone Park 7-05-10

Only real change since our last report is that the Firehole River is warming to levels where fish are having trouble getting enough dissolved oxygen to live comfortably.  So let’s give ’em a break until we cool off during the Fall season.   Other than that, looks like the Lamar River is the last of Park streams to clear up to join most other Park streams being in great fishing shape.  Through the season Beula Lake will offer some of the fastest fishing in the Park.   Some easily approached and great smaller streams in the Park are now in good shape.  These include Cascade, Polecat, Cougar, Crawfish, Fan, Spirea, Indian, Obsidian, Tower, and Lava creeks.  Get in touch with us or stop by the shop to get information on where and how to fish these great Park waters.