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Yellowstone Park 7-07-09

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Yellowstone Park 7-07-09

Really shaping up here! Streams in the northeast corner have a way to go, though. Slough Creek is high and clearing and offers the best fishing in that corner of the Park. Look for evening brown drakes to offer its best fishing.  The Lewis River drainage still features great fishing on Lewis and Shoshone lakes if you can get out to submerged weed beds and offer small scud and leech patterns. Use a full sink line to do it.  And be sure to have insulated waders or plenty of fleece under those breathables or light weights.  Madison River drainage streams are fishing well with several different mayfly species emerging along with caddisflies, yellow sallys and a remnant of golden stones. Look for damselfly nymphs patterns to bring action on slower reaches of all these streams.  Fall River Basin streams are a week or so away from great dry fly fishing, and Beula Lake still offers some of the fastest fishing in the entire Park.  Pack a float tube into it for the best fishing with damselfly nymph, scud and small leech patterns.  Don’t know how to get there? get in touch with us.