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Yellowstone Park 7-09-10

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Yellowstone Park 7-09-10

Fall River Basin streams have dropped dramatically in the last week. This means they are in prime dry fly fishing condition.  Green drakes & PMDs  emerge in the mid afternoon, and brown drakes emerge during evenings.  With drying and warming beetles and ants are out and are a significant part of trout’s diet. So are adult damselflies.   The next few weeks should be great dry fly fishing on such as Bechler River and Boundary Creek and on Fall River, Mountain Ash and Proposition creeks.   After that time frame hoppers will make for great fun, but as waters drop take all you skills.  Mosquitoes and deer flies make DEET a necessity.  Want to see the fastest fishing in all of Yellowstone Park?  Try Beula Lake at the head of Fall River.  The inlet and the north shore make for the best wading, but packing a float tube opens the whole lake. Get in touch with us for more information on this great fishery and others that the Park offers.