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Yellowstone Park 7-31-10

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Yellowstone Park 7-31-10

With the peak of early season mayfly emergences past and that of large stoneflies almost over (good stonefly hatches are moving up the Yellowstone River), terrestrial insects are increasing in importance. Hopper and spruce moth seasons are just beginning, and ant and beetle patterns will remain effective for many weeks to come.   Some great places for presenting  terrestrial insect patterns include the meadow sections of all Fall River Basin streams and the Lamar River, Slough and Soda Butte creeks,  Madison River along the West Entrance highway, Lewis River, and the upper Gibbon River.   The big browns in Duck Creek are a real challenge for fishing hopper, beetle and ant patterns.  Do not overlook smaller waters with meadow reaches such as Obsidian, Indian, Solfatara and Panther creeks.  They are great places for light weight equipment and safe for youngsters and physically challenged folks.