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Yellowstone Park 7-7-18

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Yellowstone Park 7-7-18

03-12-09 South Fork 010

Fall River Basin streams are all in good fishing shape. About the only real hazard is the copious amount of mosquitoes hiding out in the timbered areas.  A good  soaking of DEET on exposed skin helps, but it is a bit distracting to breath in some of these pests. With respect to dry fly activity, remnant gray drakes, sallies, PMDs, and wind blown giant and golden stone flies provide great action on Bechler and Fall Rivers and Boundary, Mountain Ash and Proposition Creeks.  Green drakes, and a bit later brown drakes, will come on soon.  Elsewhere in the park , the Firehole River is warming up to the point that it will be soon tough on resident trout to be caught and played. Caddis and PMDs make for action on the Madison River, brown drakes are appearing during evenings in the meadows of the upper Gibbon River and if you are game enough to carry a flotation device into Shoshone Lake, you will find great action around submerged weed beds if you present leech and small streamer patterns using a full sink line.  Give streams (lower Yellowstone, Lamar, Slough, Soda Butte) in the northeast corner of the park some more time to get into good fishing shape.  The best days to fish Trout Lake this time of year are behind us, but consider coming back in October. Give the Snake River a bit more time to round into best fishing shape.  Some green drakes remain in the meadow reach of Lewis River below the lake and the meadows between Lewis and Shoshone Lakes.