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Yellowstone Park 8-01-2011

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Yellowstone Park 8-01-2011

With runoff out of the system(finally!), Park waters are where we normally expect them.  Yes streams remain a bit high, but this is good for the fish. In the Madison River drainage, the river itself is fishing well, and so is the Gibbon.   Caddis and PMD life cycle patterns work, so do ants & beetle patterns. Soon spruce moth and hopper patterns will be important  to have in the fly box when you visit the Madison or the Gallatin rivers. So stock up on them now.  In Fall River Basin streams remain somewhat higher than normal, but don’t let that stop you from giving them a try.  Cutbows remain fat as mud through long weeks of living on annelids, grubs, etc.  The big fish are still looking for them and ignore the PMDs and green drakes. Right now a twenty-inch hybrid will go four pounds–easy.  When the streams drop further and insects become major in their diets, these fish will lose weight. Kinda like us switching from ice cream to sugar-free popsicles!   Beware of mosquitoes in the timber and horseflies in the meadows.   Want to have a twenty-five fish day without exaggerating? Pack your float tube into Beula Lake (2.75 miles) and present dragonfly and speckled dun life cycle patterns.  Contact us to learn how to get there.