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Yellowstone Park 8-07-10

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Yellowstone Park 8-07-10

Fastest action in the Park is from Beula Lake. Gulpers are going, and will continue through the month as speckled duns are emerging.  Yellowstone cutts are present, and they range to twenty inches.  It’s a 2.75 mile walk from the trail head across the road from the upper end of Grassy Lake Reservoir.   Packing a float tube gets you into the best fishing.   If walking this far with a float tube and other gear is not for you and you want fast fishing, try Obsidian, Winter, Indian and Panther creeks at the top of the Gardner River drainage.  Want to try larger streams?   Bring all your skills as this is the time of year when all are reaching base levels and trout become quite selective.   This applies to Fall River Basin streams, Slough, Soda Butte, Duck and Grayling creeks, and the Lamar, Gibbon, Snake and Lewis rivers.  Run-off from thundershowers can cloud many of these for a time, but after they clear some great fishing can be had. Try big hopper patterns after these as winds blow them around.  Also because some bank erosion goes on, going back to patterns that simulate earthworms and grubs are good for a while.