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Yellowstone Park 8-24-13

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Yellowstone Park 8-24-13

Are you a fan of morning trico activity? It’s is going on now many Park waters.  One of the best anywhere , if you do not mind walking about four miles, is around the Boundary Creek- Bechler River confluence. This location is at the bottom of Bechler Meadows and best approached from the Bechler River Trail beginning at the ranger station.  Start your walk in about 7AM, and expect action until about noon.  Try the river just above, at, and below the confluence. When tricos slow down, switch to terrestrial patterns and use all the stealth you apply for the river in Harriman State Park.  Want to try a small stream in the Park offering reliable action but not requiring a long walk? Obsidian Creek between Norris and Mammoth is one of the best.   The meadows are a “stone’s throw” off the highway, access is easy, and aggressive brookies will take just about any floating offering in small and medium sizes.