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Yellowstone Park 8-25-10

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Yellowstone Park 8-25-10

The season for using terrestrial patterns continues. Whether hoppers, ants, beetles or spruce moths: all should have representations in your fly box when you visit Park streams.  Because slower water is not as well oxygenated as that in riffles and runs, be sure to work these over, and expect more  larger fish to reside there until we begin cooling off.     Look  for tricos to become increasingly active and important to fish as we move through late summer.   There are terrific trico hatches and spinner falls on such as the Madison River and all Fall River Basin streams.  Lakes are tough fishing now with Beula Lake being the big exception.  Fishing there is good because of gulping cutts. All you have to do is walk a few miles and get speckled dun emerger and dun patterns onto the lake beyond shoreline lily pads.  Carrying a float tube to get out on the lake guarantees some great action.