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Yellowstone Park, July 25th, 2020

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Yellowstone Park, July 25th, 2020

Without  a doubt, Beula Lake currently offers the fastest fishing in the Park!   Only Yellowstone cutthroat occupy the lake.  You can enjoy this best by packing a flotation device the 2.5 miles into the lake then fish outside the lily pads and other vegetation. If you cannot pack such a device, hike over to the inlet at the southeast corner and fish out into the lake.  Small leech, speckled dun, damsel fly, and cinnamon caddis life cycle patterns will provide action. On all Fall River Basin streams stealth is the word with waters nearing base levels but hopper populations building.

The Yellowstone River from the Lake down to the upper falls offers fishing for a few very large cutthroat. Streamer patterns fished in the deepest water is the best way to encounter these fish.

Northeast corner streams ( Lamar, Slough, Soda Butte) are in great shape with green drakes, PMDs, PM caddis and building terrestrial insects, but easy access places on each are crowded.