South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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South Fork 4-18

It appears they have leveled out the flows on the South Fork for the last 24 hours. We can’t say weather or not this will stay at this level for long. The current flows are 3,000 cfs.

With the rise of the water levels the water temp in the river has most likely dropped. Nymphing is going to be your best tactic for catching fish. Lengthen those leaders to get down where the fish are, they haven’t moved the river just got deeper is all. Glo bugs, zebra midges, BWO nymphs and stonefly nymphs are sure to hook some trout. Unless the weather starts to warm up considerably the Blue Wing Olive hatches will be sparse and non existent.


Mainstem Snake River.

Yesterday’s doubling of flow out of Palisades Dam has not impacted flow here to date and likely will have little effect.  That is because most of the new water released will go into the canal system.  So expect  streamer fishing, so popular until runoff overwhelms things, continue to be good.  Expect evenings to offer some of the best times for doing so.   Post-spawning ‘bows will respond, but there is always a chance for that brown of the season.


Big Lost 4-16

Flows are still at 100 cfs. and the fishing is great! Good Blue Wing Olive hatches right now. Look for the hatch from 11-4. Cripples and emergers have been the best patterns for fooling fish. We don’t know when the water will go up on the Big Lost, however this river is accessible by wading up to 300 cfs.


Henry’s Fork 4-16

Fishing is good and picking up. We had great reports of Blue Wing Olive hatches this weekend and I have been told the Mother’s Day Caddis are hatching! The Streamer action is also picking up. Right now is personally my favorite time to fish the Henry’s Fork. Nymphing is also good with stonefly nymphs and a variety of caddis, mayfly and midge nymphs.


South Fork 4-16

Well everyone the time has come and the water flow has been increased. The increase from yesterday afternoon and this morning has brought the river up to 2,000 cfs. We don’t know how high they will increase the river at this point, but as soon as it levels off we will be updating this report. For the next few days I would look to go fishing on the Henry’s Fork.


South Fork 3-16-13

A couple of days ago we floated from Lorenzo to Menan and were happy to see that the new ramp being built below Lorenzo. It will be on the south side of the river and access will be from the Lorenzo/Menan highway.  We don’t know the exact date that it will open but we will let when it is. In the meantime there is a 3 foot ledge of ice sitting on the ramp at current launch site. In order to put in you have to push the boat down over the ice ledge. Getting a boat out will take some extra rope and a good push by two folks on the back end of the boat. Then ice hopefully will melt in a week or so.


South Fork 3-15

Fishing has been really good on the river for this time of year. Nymphing has producing the most fish. Jimmy saw a nice midge hatch on Wednesday on the river with fish rising on the surface. Streamer fishing is still and can be effective. Fish the deep slow to non-moving pools. We like to fish a full sinking line with a streamer, remember slow retrieve is the ticket with streamers.

As far as floating is concerned here is some information on the following boat ramps. You can take out at Conant but you will need chains and a rope. Wolf to Byington is a good float. Lorenzo boat ramp is almost impossible to take out but you can launch a boat over the ice. Menan is easy to take out as well. So your floats are Wolf to Byington and Lorenzo to Menan and Irwin to Conant. If you have questions feel free to give us a call.


Big Lost 3-12

The Big Lost has been picking up lately with the nice weather. Good midge hatches and very few Blue Wing Olives. I would continue to look for a BWO hatch any day now. Nymphing a prince nymph and Zebra midges has also been very productive. Don’t forget a few BWO nymphs. We have a great selection here in the shop.


Salmon River 3-12

We wanted to give you all a heads up on the Steelhead fishing conditions in Salmon. All boat rams are open and accessible from Salmon down to North Fork. There is still a lot of self ice so be careful.


Salmon River Access 2-20-13

Just want to give you a heads up on the Salmon river for Steelhead Fishing. The only boat ramps available for floating is Shoup, Town and Carmen Boat ramps. All other boat ramps are froze shut. The river is in good condition but expect self ice along the banks. We will update you when we hear the boat ramps are clear.