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Upcoming Events 5-21-19

Memorial Day weekend is upcoming.  Many folks are wondering if the cool, wet weather has made back country roads passable and if certain campgrounds are open. Certainly you can try USFS web sites such as that for Caribou-Targhee National Forest, but up to date information may not always be present on these. For up to date information on Caribou-Targhee National Forest roads and campgrounds try the following offices:

Caribou-Targhee National Forest   208-524-7500

Ashton Ranger Station                      208-652-7443

Island Park Ranger Station              208-558-7301

Palisades District Ranger                  208-523-1412

Teton Basin Ranger                            208-354-2312

For up to date fishing information, we keep our web site fishing report current as much as possible. So let us help in deciding where to fish this upcoming weekend and check with the above offices to see if you can get there.



Henry’s Fork 5-21-19


Everyone is anticipating the big stonefly event, and it will happen for sure. However, Mother Nature has decided to put it in the “delay mode” by giving us cool and rainy weather for a while. Nymphs are moving, so any rubber leg, wooly bugger, or stonefly pattern fished not far out in the river will bring interest from resident trout.  Any adult stonefly out now, if any, is hunkering down waiting for enough warmth to give it some “get up and go.” When warmer weather happens you will see bugs flying and soon after rise forms in the river that will make top water fishing hard to resist.  Just be patient!


Yellowstone Park 5-21-19

Yellowstone Park fishing licenses, all classes, and regulations arrived in the shop yesterday. Park fishing season opens Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Firehole River will likely provide the best fishing with caddis and BWO life cycle patterns being the best choices to present.


Henry’s Lake 5-21-19

Pintail Point at Henrys Lake now open to public through F&G’s Access Yes! program

Pintail Point, a piece of private property along Henrys Lake, has enrolled in Idaho Fish and Games’ Access Yes! program. Access Yes! is a program designed to improve access to private land or through private land to public land by compensating willing landowners who provide access. The Pintail Point property was enrolled by the owners for a five year period and grants public access to 296 yards of lakeshore.

No boat launch is available at the site, but it is a popular spot for anglers to hop into a float tube. No fires or overnight camping are allowed and vehicles are restricted to existing roads.

Landowner notification is not required on the Pintail Point property but Fish and Game asks users to be respectful and keep the area free from garbage and vandalism. Respecting these parcels of private land will help to ensure future use by the public and open up additional access opportunities elsewhere.

Full story, photo and map:


Henry’s Fork 5-18-19

Fall River flow is very high and discolored because of recent warm weather.  This means forget about fishing the Henry’s Fork below Chester Dam until Fall River subsides.  On the Henry’s Fork from Warm River to Chester backwaters presenting streamer patterns seems to give best results when compared to presenting big nymph patterns. This could be temporary because big stonefly nymphs are beginning to migrate toward banks and trout will soon take notice big time.


South Fork 5-14-19

Not much change here. Palisades Reservoir is about half full. Flow out of Palisades Dam is staying constant (for now) at around 11900 cfs  Flow is 13000 cfs at Heise, and less on the river below Heise (6700 cfs at Lorenzo) because of irrigation and stock watering demands.  Some BWOs emerging, but best fishing results currently come from using rubber leg, San Juan worm and streamer patterns.


Today at Jimmy’s 5-14-19

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Henry’s Fork 5-14-19

A great technique to try if you are float-fishing is to concentrate presentations on the bank out of the sunlight. Drift by and present streamer, rubberleg and such as super-x patterns in towards the bank.  This technique has been working well on the river from the Warm River confluence to the Fun Farm bridge.

Now is also the time when big stonefly nymphs begin migrating toward banks, so fish will begin concentrating there, especially during low light conditions.  So here is another reason for paying attention to fishing bank side waters whether wading or float-fishing.  It is only a matter of several days before the big stoneflies begin flying to return to the river to lays eggs and become the reason for some superb top water fishing!