South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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South Fork 6-25-14

There is a nice variety of dry fly fishing on the the river now. Most of the activity is from Cottonwood downstream and usually starts by noon. There are good hatches of pale morning duns, blue wing olives and some green drakes. The golden stones and yellow sallies have started too. There are some big stones out below Heise.

We are having great success underneath before the hatches start with rubber leg nymphs, yellow sally nymphs and bead head flash prince nymphs. Streamer fishing against the bank and over the drop offs has been productive too.

The water level is at a normal flow of 13,000 cfs and has a green tint. It is has a little more color closer to Palisades Dam. We’ll post again tomorrow as Everet and I are leaving Tom and Parker to tend the shop and heading up to the south fork for the afternoon………




Still Waters 6-14-14

Twenty-four Mile and Daniels Reservoirs feature damselfly activity with fish responding. Try just about anywhere on Twenty-Four Mile, and concentrate on the upper end and creek mouth at Daniels. Some folks are having success just walking the banks at Daniels, thanks to our friend the wind causing wave action stirring up the bottom and so freeing up all sorts of food forms.  On both reservoirs fish also take midge pupa patterns under an indicator so long as you find the taking depth.  Hawkins Reservoir  also has fish taking damselfly nymphs, but its water level is beginning to drop because of irrigation demands. We do not have as much info on Chesterfield Reservoir, but based on what Twenty-Four and Daniels are offering there has to be some good fishing there with damselfly nymphs and midge pupa patterns.


Henry’s Fork 6-14-14

Fall River is clearing and dropping a bit, so the river below is shaping up. Gray drakes are out on the lower river from Chester backwaters to below St. Anthony. Add this to green drakes showing just above from the lower river, and you have a destination.  The Harriman State Park reach opens tomorrow, so expect crowds looking for green drakes there.  If you go there via US Highway 20, expects delays up to half an hour. Flaggers are active 24-7 on the Ashton Hill construction section.  Therefore consider traveling to Last Chance and above via the Mesa Falls Scenic Highway. Its a bit longer, but offers no through trucking and much less traffic.


Henry’s Fork 6-10-14

The lower river below Ashton Dam is beginning to shape up with PMDs emerging in good numbers and golden stoneflies appearing. Look for green drakes to start here any day. The same for gray drakes in the Chester backwaters.  The Warm River to Ashton reach is fishing well for those using caddis life cyle patterns, rubber leg nymphs, and streamers in the evening. At Last Chance PMDs are making an appearance and some march browns remain. The big stoneflies have just about finished their emergence with a few remaining in Box Canyon and a Coffee Pot.  Waters throughout the river below Island Park Dam are low as Island Park Reservoir is being filled. This means warmer water making for earlier emergences. Henry’s Lake is full with only 14 cfs coming into the Outlet. For now fishing there is slow.


Henry’s Lake 6-10-14

It appears that fish are moving away from shorelines and out into the lake. Trolling and presenting wooly bugger and peacock leech types is successful in deeper water. Use a fast sinking line to get down for the best action.  Beware of what the wind can during otherwise nice days.


Henry’s Fork 5-30-14

If you are following the big stonefly emergence, it is about over in the river from Ashton Dam to Chester Dam. Your best bet for enjoying it through dry fly fishing is to concentrate on the Riverside to Hatchery Ford and Box Canyon areas.  Expect a lot of boats, especially through the Box Canyon.


South Fork 5-20-14

The South Fork is about as stable as can be this time of year with flow out of Palisades Dam holding at 10300 cfs for several days. Clear and warming up, (currently 47 deg. F. just below the Dam), the river offers good nymph and streamer fishing, and will continue to do so until flow out of the Dam increases to answer irrigation demands.  Rubber leg patterns are the best producers, but smaller zebras, princes, PT’s, and such will work in riffles.  Don’t overlook pitching streamers, especially early and late in the day.


Stillwater 5/6/14

With the warmer weather we had last week, fishing has picked up on area lakes/reservoirs. Most, if not all lakes have turned over and water quality will continue to improve as the weather does. We have good reports from Blackfoot, Chesterfield, and Daniels this week. Daniels is still probably the most consistent, but Chesterfield and Blackfoot offer you a better shot at a big dog. Concentrate on the upper end of Daniels fishing with various chironomid pupa (summer duck pupa, black sally, chromie) and bloodworms (holo worm sz10) has been good.Fishing with a sinking line has been producing nice fish as well. I would be fishing a black CB, California Leech, or an Olive Mohair Leech.  Chesterfield seems to have woken up a little with a few reports of some real big fish showing up lately. The fish are most likely going to be scattered so cover some water until you find an active group of fish. Fishing an intermediate or type III Line (depending on how deep you are) would be a good bet. A black CB, Olive CB, or Black Mohair leech would be my first picks.  Blackfoot Reservoir has also been fishing really well lately. Blackfoot is usually not a great place if your into lots of fish, but there are some really nice fish in there if you put some time in. The key up there has been covering lots of water. Fishing with a full sinking line and trolling, or wind drifting has been most productive. The area around the dam has been most productive, but anywhere on the reservoir could be good.

It won’t be long now before we start seeing the first Callibaetis of the year, closely followed by the damsels. Stay tuned…


Stillwater 5/2/14

It hasn’t been a great spring so far if you like to fish stillwaters. We have been blasted with wind so much over the past few weeks it almost feels like somethings wrong if its nice outside! With all the wind, area reservoirs have been churned up more then normal causing the fishing to be a little slower then we would like. The weather looks like its slowly improving, so things should really start picking up in the next week.

Chesterfield- Fishing has been a little slow so far on Chesterfield and this has to do mainly with the wind. Fishing deeper water 12+ft has been best so far with darker leech patterns (Black CB, black mohair leech, Dk. Olive Angora Leech, Brown CB, have been best) and darker chironomid pupa (black bungie buzzer, black sally, summer duck pupa). Fishing should really pick up in the next week or two.

Daniels- Daniels has been the best, most consistent fishing so far this spring. Fishing the upper end with various chironomid pupa (see Chesterfield selection) and bloodworms (holo worm sz10) has been good. For those who prefer sinking lines, fishing with darker leeches and scuds on a type II or III line have been producing as well.

Other Waters- We have not heard much this year from places like Springfield, Hawkins, American Falls, Etc…. Look for all those reservoirs to start really fishing well as the weather continues to improve. We will be sure and update this report as conditions change.


Henry’s Fork 4-29-14

Now is a good time to visit the lower Henry’s Fork. Flows are slightly less than normal, and look for water temps climb to the mid 40s in deg. F by late afternoon.  A good caddis emergence is ongoing and peaking in the afternoon. BWOs are also emerging during the PM hours, especially if weather returns to what it was last weekend. Then there are the ever present midges. March browns should become significant any day.  Don’t put away those streamer patterns just yet; save them for evening presentations.