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Fishing Reports

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Still Waters, October 10th, 2020

Water is quite low at Daniels, but fishing is good with fish responding to midge pupa under an indicator and slowly trolled leech patterns. The cooler weather predicted for the next week is just what is needed to improve fishing at such as Chesterfield and Treasureton Reservoirs and at Sand Creek Ponds.


Main Stem Snake River, October 10th, 2020

Whether you walk-in or fish from a boat this is the time of year to encounter brown trout on the river anywhere above American Falls Reservoir.  Streamer fishing is the name of the game and there are many locations along the river to do so.  Below the reservoir the river is discolored and lower than normal for the time of year.  The reservoir has been dropped for work on the spillway ( now completed), but the fishing is good.  Fish streamers deep.


Henry’s Lake, October10th, 2020

We hear fishing is picking up on the lake especially the west side. Stick to water less than 10 feet deep and use an intermediate line.  Use caution because a storm is coming in this weekend and unsettled weather is in store for early next week.


Henry’ Fork, October 10th, 2020

With the river so low below Island Park Dam (135 cfs today), it is time to pitch streamers into the big Box Canyon holes where fish will concentrate.  Look for weeds braking up along the Last Chance-Harriman reach and fish responding to BWOs and what is left of early AM tricos. Hoppers along this part of the river are soon to be things of the past. The lower river now offers better fishing with BWO, mahogany duns, a fading hopper population and best of all browns responding to streamers. Look for streamer fishing to improve with the unsettled weather coming up in the next few days.


South Fork, October 10th, 2020


Just above Heise Br. (640x480)

Flow is just a bit higher than normal for the time of year: around 6000 cfs at Irwin, 6630 cfs at Heise, 3280 cfs at Lorenzo.  Water is crystal clear and cooling.  Only sad happening is that fall colors will soon be a thing of the past. Riffle fishing seem to be picking up with BWO and mahogany dun action bringing fish up.  Add caddis activity during PM.  With a stormy weekend predicted this action may get even better, but do not overlook presenting streamer patterns.


Yellowstone Park, October 6th, 2020

Thinking of trying the Madison River above Hebgen Reservoir for migrating browns and ‘bows? Better get there at first light anywhere on the river because there are more fly-fishers visiting than there are fish moving! Streamers are the name of the game, and the best days are ahead because we are in for a stormy weekend. That stormy weekend will extend the current good fishing on the Firehole River.


Yellowstone Park, October 3rd, 2020

We are in “brown trout season” with the Madison and Lewis River systems featuring large, migrating brown trout and the same soon to happen on the Gardner and Snake Rivers. That means streamer presentation. The exception is the Firehole River where the fall season is ongoing.  That means BWO life cycle, miller and soft hackle patterns. Watch the weather: it can change to the worst in a hurry!


Big Lost River, October 3rd, 2020


Big Lost

With flow (220 cfs ) just about where it should be below Mackay Dam, wading is safe. Afternoon BWO, all day midge and some hopper activities are attracting resident brook and rainbow trout.  Small nymph patterns, with and without a bead head, will always produce here. Look for cool mornings, but afternoons will be as comfortable for fishing as it gets.


Henry’s Fork, October 3rd, 2020

Look for fish responding to BWO, mahogany duns, morning tricos, afternoon caddis, ants, beetles and hoppers anywhere you try the river from Last Chance to below St. Anthony. Crowds are gone just about everywhere, but especially from the Last Chance-Harriman section. A killing frost could happen any day, especially on the upper river and wipe out hoppers and slow ants and beetles. But BWOs and caddis will remain active for  quite a while.  Streamer fishing will pick up on the lower river as browns begin to migrate.