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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 5-19-15

Big stoneflies are flying everywhere in Cardiac Canyon, Warm River to Ashton, and Vernon Bridge to Chester.  As of today, they are not flying in Box Canyon, but any day now they will. Best reports we’ve had for fish responding to dry stonefly patterns come from Mesa Falls to Warm River and from Warm River to Ashton sections.


Henry’s Fork 5-16-15

There are loads of big stoneflies out on the Warm River to Ashton section of the river, but success has been spotty recently. The same goes for the river from Vernon Bridge to Chester backwaters where action was good last weekend. The few fish we caught in both locations two days ago were stuffed full of bugs. The longer it lasts, the current cool wet weather will delay the big bugs from flying big time. But the longer it lasts, the better are chances for action to pick up on ending.  By then big bugs could be flying up the river as far as Riverside or even Box Canyon.


Henry’s Fork 5-12-15

Big stoneflies are flying from Vernon Bridge down to top of Chester backwaters. We have reports of folks catching fish on big dries in this area.  So even though this event is about ten days early, it’s time to keep track of the adult stage moving on up the river. We have not heard of  them flying further up the river, but any day now reports will come in and we will post them.


Henry’s Fork 5-9-15

Big buzz here is that stonefly nymphs seem to be moving in the Warm River to Ashton part of the river. So get those favorite stonefly nymph patterns into fishing shape. With our recent stormy weather we’ve also had reports of good responses to afternoon BWO emergences in both the Vernon Bridge-Chester backwater and Last Chance areas.


Henry’s Fork 5-2-15

From Vernon Bridge to top of Chester Backwaters caddis are still emerging and fish responding. Start presenting big stonefly nymph and rubberleg patterns because the naturals are beginning to move.  With cloudy weather upcoming next week, expect better conditions for BWOs emerging. around.


Henry’s Fork 4-25-15

Big caddisfly hatch is going on from Vernon Bridge down to Chester backwaters, and fish are responding to it.  Fall River, with flow  higher than normal, is putting muddy water into the Henry’s Fork at Chester Dam messing up fishing in the river below.


Henry’s Fork 3-31-15

If you intend to fish the river from the Vernon Bridge down to Chester Dam backwaters, be sure to include rubber leg patterns in your fly box and bring a sink tip line to present them.  Drifting these patterns through riffles and runs in this reach has resulted in some great fishing recently.


Henry’s Fork 3-10-15

BWOs are beginning to emerge along the lower river where flows are currently around normal. Afternoons are the best time to enjoy fish responding to them, and with the nice weather we are having, even though cloudy weather would bring out more, getting onto the river makes for a good time.  Drifting some big stonefly nymphs deep can also be effective. If you stay into the evening hours, consider presenting streamer patterns around overhead cover. It is also easier to get up during these daylight savings times when sun-up is a bit before 8AM. Before strong sunlight gets on the water is another good time to pitch streamers in hope of  encountering a big ‘bow or brown.  Don’t fall in, though. That  water temperature in the low 40’s to high 30’s in degrees F. will make you head for that spare dry clothing in a hurry!


Henry’s Fork 10-11-14

For the River below Ashton Dam strategies used on the South Fork apply quite well. This time of year the big attractions are the BWO activity and streamers during low light conditions.  One difference: you will see more tiny blue winged olives (pseudocloeon) here than on the South Fork. With the change of weather for the worst coming up, both BWO (and tiny blue wing olive) life cycle patterns and streamer patterns should be the ticket for the best fishing here.   Flows out of Island Park Dam are just above 200 cfs making wading the Box Canyon a great choice. Streamers can bring out those big fish, and a double nymph rig drifted through runs and holes can produce.


Henry’s Fork 10-4-14

Now is a great time to fish the Box Canyon. Flows are low, wading is at its easiest, and the big rainbows are stocking up for winter. That means streamer patterns can bring out the bigger fish. Proper location and presentation is more important than pattern selection. The same applies to the river below Ashton Dam. Streamers are just the ticket for those big browns becoming aggressive for their spawning season.  Choose low light conditions for your best chances. Current beautiful weather is not the best for top water fishing here as far as BWOs are concerned.  But weather will turn for sure, and with those conditions that tell of oncoming winter, BWOs will be more active along with the fish looking for them.