South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 6-6

I wanted to give you guys a heads up on the river conditions below Ashton Dam. Apparently the rain on the construction site at the dam. The rain and the silt coming through the dam have made the lower river very dirty. We knew that the water was going to be effected by the construction of the dam and the water quality has been fishable but not clear. Unfortunately the water is not optimal right now. We don’t know when things will clear up but as soon as they do we will let you know.

As far as the other sections of the River. Warm River to Ashton and the Box Canyon are fishing well. Stoneflies on the surface as well as Caddis and PMDs.


Henry’s Fork 6-5-12

Hatch of big stoneflies and fish responding is ongoing but won’t last a lot longer. Nymphing remains most effective way to fish in Box Canyon. A few PMD’s are showing in the Last Chance area where caddis and BWOs are attracting fish. On warm days with wind consider pitching a stonefly pattern here once in a while. Wind blows them down from Box Canyon and up from Cardiac Canyon. Longer term resident fish are use to seeing them and will take.  Golden stones are showing on the Warm River to Ashton reach and on down stream.  The river remains somewhat discolored below Ashton Dam, but fishing has been good for those who present nymph patterns, big and small.


Henry’s Fork 5/29

Fishing the Salmon Flies took a major slowdown after the cold rainy weather we had this past weekend. That doesn’t mean that the fishing is poor. In fact the fishing is still really starting to pick up and we keep hearing that this is some of the best Salmon Fly fishing we had in years. The big bugs have hatched through the entire system now. You can fish Salmon flies from Chester dam all the way up to Box Canyon. If I were fishing this week I would be fishing a Salmon fly as my dry and I would put on a golden stone nymph below it. While looking for some Pale Morning Duns and caddis hatches. We should start seeing Goldens hatch soon as well as PMD’s and more Caddis so make sure you have some in your fly box. If your getting refusals on your big Salmon Fly try something different like a Chernobyl and or a Stimulator.



Henry’s Fork 5-26-12

On this opening day of general fishing season the most asked question is “Where’s the bug (giant stonefly) hatch on the Henry’s Fork?”  Right now the bugs are hunkered down waiting for a warm-up so they can do their thing. Yes, its cold where they have come out from just above Chester backwaters to Riverside Campground.  Fish are aware of their presence. So regardless of weather they will be taking offerings. The trick is finding where fish are responding best to them. Right now that would somewhere in Cardiac Canyon. So boating from Riverside Campground to Hatchery Ford, from the Lower Mesa Falls slide to Warm River and even from Warm River to Ashton are the best choices to encounter fish taking giant stonefly patterns on the surface.  It’s a bit early for fishing dry stonefly patterns in Box Canyon, but when it warms up that will change. Other than stoneflies  presenting streamer patterns along cover out of direct sunlight, especially evenings is the best way to encounter large fish. This really applies to the river from Ashton Dam to the Chester Dam. Our current weather is “BWO weather”, so don’t overlook that life cycle patterns for these can be effective.


Henry’s Fork 5/18

So much talk about the Henry’s Fork right now. It is definitely the place to be if you want to chase some dry flies. The stonefly emergence is happening right now on the lower river. From Warm River down to Chester you will find those big boys on the bank hatching and flying around. I haven’t heard any solid news of flies above the Warm River, however I expect them to start happening soon. Big stonefly nymphs have been catching fish as well, don’t rule out this fly when the dry fly action slows down. Don’t hesitate to put a stonefly nymph below a big dry salmon fly. We have a great selection of Salmon flies that will float a weighted nymph. Caddis have also been working well on the surface.

The water quality below the Ashton dam has been fairly good. I would not rule out floating from Vernon to Chester you will find some really good fishing here and fewer crowds of people who have been scared off by the construction of the Ashton Dam.

Henry’s Fork 5/16

Salmon flies are starting to hatch on the Warm River to Ashton Stretch. This is the beginning of the hatch the Salmon flies are not out in huge numbers but they are there and trout are eating dries and nymphs. You also have a good showing of caddis out and hatching. I expect the Vernon to Chester stretch to start soon and we will update the report as soon as we know.


Henry’s Fork 5-15-12

Sightings of large stoneflies flying last weekend in the Warm River to Ashton reach are greatly exaggerated.  High-flying birds may have been mistaken for these, or maybe a few bugs were coming over from Warm River.  For sure the big stonefly nymphs are moving in Warm River to Ashton, in Cardiac Canyon, and the river below Ashton Dam.  No doubt a few adults have formed by now.  But fish are likely full of nymphs, so wait a while before they begin keying on the adults which will surely increase in number.   Best chances for top water fishing success in these parts of the river are from caddis and March browns.  Speaking of the Ashton Dam, draw-down began on May 11th.  That means the river below will be off-color now through opening day and beyond. We’ll keep you posted about the effects of draw-down which should not be as drastic as last year.


Henry’s Fork 5-12-12

The information Tim placed on the Henry’s Fork yesterday is good and informative, but lets now give you an alternative river location.  The Henry’s Lake Outlet section of the river is open to catch and release fishing with numerous cutts spawning in the upper reaches down into the Flat Ranch Preserve.  We fished here late last week, avoiding the spawning redds but trying adjacent cover. Any wooly bugger type or streamer was effective in catching not only cutts but brookies hanging around for drifting eggs. Even encountered a rainbow or two, but not the size we were hoping for.   Flow at the time was 140 cfs but has since dropped to 110 cfs ideal for wading.  As soon as the  general season opens this part of the river will be crowded and many fish will be creeled.  So enjoy it now.


Henry’s Fork 5/11

The release from the Ashton Dam was delayed and we believe that they will start to release water today. We will keep you all updated and although I don’t think the water quality will be fishable because they don’t have to do any excavation.

So far the only Stonefly action is on the warm river. some of them have been moved down to the stone bridge below the confluence of Warm River and Henry’s Fork. Caddis, March Browns, Blue Wing Olive and Stonefly nymphs have been effective on the lower river. Through Box Canyon you will find some BWO hatches and a few caddis hatches right now. Nymphing will be your best opportunity for hooking fish through the Box Canyon.


Henry’s Fork 5-8-12

Ashton Reservoir draw-down begins tomorrow and will take two weeks to complete.  Expect discolored water during this event and for a while afterwards.  However, discolor should not be as bad as last September when unconsolidated sediments up to 100 years old moved out.   Impact on wet fly fishing is less likely than to dry fly fishing during draw-down.  A streamer pattern of the evening presented in areas out of direct sunlight remains the best way to encounter a large fish until stonefly nymphs begin moving.