South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 6/11

The water on the lower river has been pretty dirty. Fishing on the river has been concentrated from the Box Canyon to the Warm River confluence.  However the flows on the lower river have been dropping fairly quickly and I expect this section to start fishing soon. Caddis and Stoneflies have been working. Don’t be afraid to throw nymphs but if you only want to throw dry flies….I understand. Feel free to call the shop for more details.


Henry’s Fork 6/8

You can find Stoneflies from Chester Dam all the way up to the Lower Mesa Falls. Timing is the key for catching this hatch. If you are getting refusals on a Salmon fly, change up to a smaller golder stone. Caddis and Pale Morning Duns should start hatching any day now.

Looks like the main push of the runoff is here. The Fall River at Chester is reaching flows over 7,000cfs making the river below Chester basically in flood stage. Warm River and Robinson Creek have blown out as well. There is good hiking and wade fishing around Mesa Falls and Riverside campground. Rubberlegs, Caddis Pupa, Rollin Stones and CFO Hummer Stones should produce fish.

Henry’s Fork 6/3

The big stoneflies have been making an appearance on the Henry’s Fork. They are in full swing below the Ashton Dam. They have also moved up to Warm River but are not hatching in large numbers on the Warm River to Ashton stretch. Fish rising on these big bugs is really day to day. I would fish the dry and float a stonefly nymph as a dropper. The high water has pushed the fish towards the banks look for the fish to holding there. If the fish are not actively feeding on the surface try throwing a golden stone or a chernobyl ant. Mixing up the presentation will sometimes trigger a fish to rise.

Henry’s Fork 6/1

We have had a few reports of stoneflies at the Vernon Bridge and the Ora Bridge. When I say a few I am talking about a dozen nymph casings on the bridge. Not much flying yet but keep posted to the report and the weather report. Again I expect the hatch to really be in full swing by this weekend.


Henry’s Fork 5/31

The water below Chester Dam still remains pretty dirty, temps will warm up this week and the Fall River will begin to run high again making that section difficult for fishing. Flows out of the Box canyon are staying steady at 2,000 cfs and the water is fairly clear. The water from Warm River down is Tea colored but very fishable. The stoneflies are almost ready to hatch and there are a few hatching. The main bulk of the hatch has not started yet. You can find nymphs staging along the banks fro Warm River down to the Chester Backwaters. With the warm temperatures expected this week I expect the hatch to be in full force about mid week. As always we will keep you posted as things progress.


Henry’s Fork 5/26

Flows have gotten pretty large on the Henry’s Fork. The lower river starting from Warm River confluence is pretty dirty and muddy. The river at St. Anthony is at Flood Stage. Water from the Box Canyon down to the Warm River is in pretty good condition. Fish nymphs under an indicator. Stonefly nymphs and caddis pupa are working well. There should be some dry fly caddis buzzing around but no report of fish actively feeding on the surface.

With the Holiday weekend coming up there will be a lot of people who migrate to The Box Canyon mostly cause its the only game in town. Just remember to be courteous and use some common sense.


Henry’s Fork 5/23

Flows have seemed to level off on the Henry’s Fork and the water clarity between Vernon and Chester is fishable and the fish are eating. The stoneflies are staging close to the banks and fish can be caught on rubberlegs and other stonefly nymph patterns. Caddis Nymphs and mayfly nymphs like Peasant Tails and prince nymphs. Bigger and brighter flies seem to be working better in the off color water. No Adult stoneflies yet but I expect to see a few later this week around the Chester backwaters.


Henry’s Fork 5/13

Not much going on with the high water right now. Warm River and Robinson Creek are bringing in some dirty water and the Falls River is mighty high. This pretty much leaves Box Canyon and the flows were just increased to 900 cfs, if these flows remain somewhat steady the Box will fish well with nymphs and streamers.


Henry’s Fork 5/9

With runoff starting fishing has become somewhat limited on the Henry’s Fork. Warm River to Ashton stretch has blown out, and so have the river below the Chester Dam. This basically leaves the Box Canyon and Vernon to Chester for fishing. March Browns, Caddis, and Blue Wing Olives have been hatching in good numbers. The river is probably going to feel really crowded these next few weeks. These sections of water are basically it for fishing right now. Remember to be courteous to each other and use common sense.


Henry’s Fork 5/7

Couple items to talk about for the Henry’s Fork. I have been watching the flows on the Fall River and it looks like we are starting into runoff…finally. This means that the water below Chester Dam is going to be off color and when it really starts roaring it will be muddy. Warm River will put some off color water into the river but the float from Warm River to Ashton will still be fishable. Vernon to Chester will be fishing as well. Remember that Box Canyon is open and as soon as we hear the snow has melted we will let you know when you can get into the boat ramps.

Good Caddis, Blue Wing olive, and March Browns have been hatching on the river. I like to fish a little bit larger Caddis pattern that is often a different color than the caddis hatching. This gives you a little different look than what the fish are seeing and sometimes can be to your advantage. Blue Wing Olive and March Brown Emerger patterns seem to have the best success. Nymphing and streamer fishing continue to produce fish as well. Some really good spring fishing on the Henry’s Fork, and it is possible to find water that is not getting highly effected by the runoff.