South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Henry’s Fork (Page 49)

Henry’s Fork 02/24

Access is still limited on the Henry’s Fork due to the snow. We have had reports of sucessful fishing at the Vernon bridge area, and at the Stone Bridge at the Warm River confluence. Nymphing has been working very well, we suggest a rubber leg and a San Juan worm. Midges are hatching on the river and the fish are up on them. Helpful tip to fishing midges: The smaller the better, your best size is a #20, if you have a hard time seeing the fly on the water tie a size #16 Parachute Adams above it. With the correct presentation when you see a rise around your Adams set the hook. Floating is out of the question on the Henry’s Fork all the boat ramps are snowed in. For and up to date report feel free to give us a call.


Henry’s Fork 02/03

Fishing on the Henrys Fork has been good on the warmer days. Rubberlegs, san juan worms and small #18-22 nymphs have produced fish. Midge hatches are consistent on days when the tempature sores above freezing. Island Park has been getting lots of snow dumped on them the last few weeks. This is good for the upcoming fishing season. Unfortenly this limits access to areas of the river that are open year round. We have been informed that the vernon bridge boat ramp has a spot that has been plowed so you can park. You can also access the river at the fun farm bridge.


Henry’s Fork 01/09

Fishing on the Henrys Fork has not changed much. Nymphing is still your best strategy for catching fish. Fish two nymphs, a rubber leg, prince nymph, zebra midges, or a glo bug. If you see fish rising throw a dry fly midge pattern. 

As winter continues, access to the river will become more difficult with the snow and shelf ice. Use caution while fishing in the winter. Common sense goes a long way. Don’t risk you safety for a fish. Some good ideas for saftey; Keep you car close to the area you are fishing. Bring an extra pair of dry clothes in case you fall in. It’s always a good ideas to have some extra food and water in case you get stranded. Small precautions will make a big difference if you have a emergancy.


Henry’s Fork 12/19

Fishing during the winter months can be very productive, or can be a nice visit to the river. Much of your success is great determined by the day you choose to go fishing. With the cold weather, snow, and wind you will want to choose a day to fish with tempatures over 32 degrees. On these warm days you will find midges working on top for dry flies, and nymphing will work underwater. Focus your fishing to the warmest part of the day. This is when the fish are the most active. Winter fishing is a great time to experience the river and be the only one out there. Remeber if you intend to float check the boats ramps first. They do not receive snow maintence during the winter.


Henry’s Fork 12/5

The Majority of the Henry’s Fork has closed, but sections on the lower river are open year around. From Riverside campground to Ashton backwaters is open and from Vernon Bridge down is open. This time of year look for the fish to be concentrated in groups feeding on dry fly midge patterns.  A rubberleg with a glow bug as the dropper will produce fishas well. Concentrate your fishing during the warmest time of the day. This is when the fish are most active.


Henry’s Fork 11/21

To find best action on the lower river, try streamers in waters not in direct sunlight, especially early & late in the day.  Streamers will also produce in Box Canyon.    On the lower river, midge and BWO emergences are best during low light conditions.  Much of the river above Riverside Campground closes the end of the month. Check IDF&G fishing regulations.


Henry’s Fork 11/11

Brown trout are migrating to spawning areas from Warm River on downstream. Please consider avoiding their redds as walking through them crushes fertilized eggs reducing spawning success. Presenting streamer patterns in the waters through which they migrate to spawn is a great way to encounter them.   If you prefer to fish closer to the surface midge and BWO activity is ongoing on most of the river.


Henry’s Fork 11/06

Streamer fishing is going great guns on the lower river, especially during stormy and low light conditions. Sink-tip lines are the best way to present. Decreasing flows are making for many locations that are easily waded. It’s getting cold out there, so dress accordingly!


Henry’s Fork 11/3

Browns are moving all over in the lower river. With predicted stormy weather for the week, good actions is more than a possibility! Likewise the big rainbows in Box Canyon go after streamers this time of year.


Henry’s Fork 10/30

Look for action to pick up with the storm coming in. Browns on the lower will be moving in better numbers, and BWOS will begin emerging during daytimes.