South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 9/22

The lower river now features a great BWO emergence. The same should happen soon on the upper river. During cloudy times like today, this will be a day long event resulting in good action. As we move further into autumn, streamers will become more important in such spots as Box Canyon, below Ashton Dam, Chester backwaters, below Chester Dam, and around St. Anthony. So be sure to have streamers in that fly box when you visit the “Fork” this time of year.


Henry’s Fork 9/11

Island Park is cooling off, and BWOs are beginning to show on the river there during cloudy and stormy times. Trico spinners offer some early action, but it’s been relatively slow fishing on the upper river, so this will make for a welcome change. Evening caddis flights are going on up and down the river, and they result in some late day action. There are still plenty of hoppers all along the river, so keep those hopper patterns in your fly box.


Henry’s Fork 9/8

Cooler weather should help action pick up. Look for tiny BWOs coming out on the lower river. Terrestrial patterns can still be effective on the lower river when fished around cover late in the afternoon, but frosty nights are becoming more common on the upper river, so hoppers etc will become less numerous at higher elevations. Look for streamer patterns to become more important as the days move into autumn.


Henry’s Fork 9/5

Some speckled duns and tricos remain around Last Chance-Harriman. Some tiny BWOs are out on the lower river. Evening caddis flights provide action throughout the river. In most places terrestrials patterns will provide best action during daytime.


Henry’s Fork 9/2

Flows have been dropping out of Island Park Reservoir making for tough fishing in Box Canyon. At Last Chance-Harriman, speckled duns and tricos are still providing some activity in the morning with terrestrials giving action during mid day. In the evening the caddis emergence provides some action. From Warm River to Ashton presenting big nymph patterns brings the best action, while below Ashton Dam action has slowed. Terrestrial patterns will be your best bet there for action.


Henry’s Fork 8/29

We sure need some cool weather to bring back fishing action along “The Fork”. Spotty conditions have prevailed, but September is the month in which we begin seeing more activity from fish. Later this month look for BWOs to bring action along the lower river. Streamers are always a good bet for Box Canyon, the Tubs, and when float fishing anywhere on the lower river.


Henry’s Fork 8/26

Look for action to pick up all along the river when we begin cooling in September. For now terrestrial patterns bring the best action during days when wind is not blowing a gale. The Warm River to Ashton reach is providing some action for those presenting streamers early and late in the day.


Henry’s Fork 8/22

Look for better fishing after the wind dies. A hatching insect doesn’t have a chance to even mate in the winds we have had the last couple of days. Even the hoppers will hold on tight, but the wind is dying, so go back to placing terrestrials tight to banks and underneath overhead cover.


Henry’s Fork 8/18

Hoppers and other terrestrial patterns tight against banks or evening rises to caddis swarms are the best way to find action up and down the river these days. We have some reports of good evening streamer fishing on the Warm River to Ashton section.


Henry’s Fork 8/14

Terrestrial patterns are the way to go anywhere on the river. Even the Last Chance-Harriman reach is not crowded, but if you want to get away from crowds try Bear Gulch or Hatchery Ford. You will also find evening caddis swarms on all these locations. Don’t overlook pitching streamer into deeper water as the sun sets