South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 10-23-12

Fishing remains very good, and with a week of not so good weather crowds will be down.  Same strategies we discussed in recent fishing reports applies, but now come prepared for foul weather and questionable road conditions.


Henry’s lake 10-19-12

Fishing at Henry’s continues to be good and should stay that way until real cold weather arrives. This weeks overcast and precipitation will not make it real cold but that will eventually come. Each Fall fish always gather around the creek mouths and that is going on now. Sometimes they are in as  little as two feet of water. Slow sink and intermediate lines work the best. Try stripping a copper brown crystal bugger or california leech. We also caught fish on a #8 Idyl’s peacock leech. Switch to a #2 sinking if you move out into 10 to 12 feet water depth.

On Wednesday we also caught fish using a pair of #12 midge pupa suspended under an indicator using a floating line. The midges were olive with a white bead and pearl with a black bead. We found fish in 6 to 8 feet of water and later as shallow as 3 feet.


Henry’s Lake 10-9-12

You can find action just about anywhere on the lake lately.  Creek mouths may offer the best action, but will be the most crowded, especially f a boat dock is near by.  No need to consider anything elaborate because standard Henry’s Lake patterns are working.


Henry’s Lake 10-6-12

Word is out that the lake currently offers the best fishing in the region.  So folks will be flocking there and looking for the best spots to fish.  Standard patterns for the lake are working.  The  strategy for a best time is to find a location where there are more fish than people.  Creek mouths are almost certain to be crowded, especially those with easy access.  The same goes for shorelines.  Consider contacting us to learn of some locations that might be less crowded.


Henry’s Lake 9-27-12

Henry’s is fishing well right now and it should only get better as things continue to cool down. Shallows all around the lake are fishing good with leech and scud patterns on intermediate lines. The Howard Creek area, the Cliffs, and the west shore would all be great places to fish.


Henry’s Lake 9-15-12

We have heard of no big change from the creek mouths and spring holes being the places to fish on the lake.  These  locations still attract a lot of interest because so many other regional still waters  have been drawn down to the point where they offer marginal fishing.  Thus many “displaced still water  anglers” are heading to Henry’s Lake to enjoy some good fishing.  That means expect company at these favored locations


Henry’s Lake 9-11-12

We’ve had reports of good fishing early in the last few days before the wind kicked in. Yesterday it was strong enough to send  many boats off the lake.  Creek mouths were good locations with Targhee Creek leading the pack and Howard Creek coming on.


Henry’s Lake 9-8-12

Fishing is picking up now. Creek mouths remain the place to go for action using mity mites, peacock leeches, crystal buggers and black coppers.  But with cooler weather here and more to come, fishing all around the lake should pick up even more.  Folks are concerned about the size of fish being caught, but the better news is that with so many fish in the lake there will be plenty for all anglers to enjoy.