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South Western Montana

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / South Western Montana (Page 11)

South Western Montana 5-14-09

Montana general fishing season opens this Saturday. The Madison River is fishing well from Hebgen Dam to the Cabin Creek confluence above Quake Lake for those fly fishers presenting nymphs and streamers. The Gallatin River is high and discolored.  The Beaverhead River will open Saturday for fishing from Clark Canyon Dam to Pipe Organ Bridge.  Look for streamers and nymphs to work well.


South Western Montana 5-11-09

Hebgen Lake is now mostly ice-free. Try woolly buggers and streamers around the north shoreline. The Madison River above Cabin Creek below Hebgen Dam is fishing well for those presenting nymphs or streamers. Clark Canyon reservoir is fishing well.  During mornings fish shorelines and in 5-10 feet of water. Use midge pupa patterns. Later in the day fish move to deeper water. When the lake becomes choppy because of wind, switch to streamers presented deep.


South Western Montana 5-4-09

General fishing season opens Saturday, May 16th.  Hebgen Lake remains frozen solid with snow on the ice.

The Madison between Hebgen and Quake lakes is open to fishing year round. Right now it is fishing well from Hebgen Dam to Cabin Creek with a bit above normal water flow.   Nymphs on the bottom are bringing  action.  Cabin Creek is putting in run-off that discolors the river down to Quake Lake slowing fishing there.  The River between McAtee and Ennis bridges is open  to fishing with nymphs, BWO & caddis life cycle patterns, San Juan worm types and midge emergers producing.

The Beaverhead River is open to fishing below Pipe Organ Bridge with flows about two-thirds of normal.  Some Mother’s Day caddis activity remains, and presenting nymphs and streamers along the bottom produces.  During overcast  or low light conditions look for afternoon activity from BWOs.


South Western Montana 11/21

Brrrr! The Madison is fishing quite well, but dress warmly as early AM temps are getting closer to zero in Deg. F. Count on ice in the guides for a while. Streamers and bead head nymphs will be the best choices.


Southwestern Montana 11/11

Check road conditions first. The Madison River between Hebgen and Quake lakes is fishing very well with streamers and large nymphs.  From Raynolds Junction to the West Fork; the same, but add small bead head nymphs, BWO and midge life cycle patterns as effective patterns. Browns and whitefish are running up the South Fork of the Madison River. The whitefish are numerous, big and easy. The browns are big and very wary.


Southwestern Montana 11/08

The Madison River is offering great streamer and nymph fishing. This is the case whether you try the stretch below highway 191, between Hebgen and Quake lakes or the river below Slide Inn. Watch the weather before you go because roads can be tough.


South Western Montana 10/30

Streamers and large nymphs are working well on the river between Quake and Hebgen lakes. The same is going on for the river below Slide Inn. Don’t overlook BWO and caddis patterns. Beaverhead browns are moving and taking streamers.


South Western Montana 10/27

The Madison River is fishing very well throughout. Nymphing is the way to go below Quake Lake, but streamers are working well. Above Quake streamers bring the best action. Migrating browns are providing action on the Beaverhead.


South Western Montana 10/20

The middle Madison is making up for the high water that resulted from problems at Hebgen Dam. Great responses to streamer patterns, large nymphs, BWO life cycle, and caddis patterns. Hebgen Lake continues to offer good fishing for those presenting streamer patterns in estuaries.