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South Western Montana

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / South Western Montana (Page 13)

South Western Montana 9/8

Flows out of Hebgen Lake remain over 3000 cfs making for tough fishing on the Madison River below. This also has impacted the Hebgen Lake gulper activity which is about over anyway. On overcast days look for good BWO emergences on such as the South Fork of the Madison River, and the West Fork of the Madison River.


South Western Montana 9/5

Flows out of Hebgen Dam have not reduced as repairs are not yet complete. We cannot recommend fishing the river from here to Ennis. Hebgen Lake has dropped a lot because of this impacting the gulper event. It is winding down, and so is the spruce moth hatch. As we get into autumn, streamer fishing will become the best way to find action.


South Western Montana 9/2

Big news here is that trouble with head gates at Hebgen Dam has closed the door on fishing the Madison River downstream to Ennis temporarily. Flows as high as 3500 cfs rushed down the river causing minor flooding and erosion. The river will clear soon, and good fishing will return. Some gulpers are active on Hebgen Lake, and spruce moth patterns bring action on the Gallatin River and the West Fork of the Madison River


South Western Montana 8/26

Look for a stormy second half of the weekend, but between now & then go with terrestrial and spruce moth patterns on streams.and Speckled duns and tricos are diminishing, so gulpers have slowed on Hebgen and other waters. Give em one last try before the stormy weather begins later this weekend.


South Western Montana 8/22

Spruce moths are emerging in big numbers in the area, and for just about any stream in southwestern Montana, the best fly is one that imitates them. This applies to the Madison, the West Fork of the Madison, the Gallatin, the Taylor’s Fork, Ruby River and even the Beaverhead. For still waters, Hebgen Lake gulpers provide the best action, but there are gulpers on other lakes in the region.


South Western Montana 8/14

Hebgen Lake gulpers now have tricos added to their diet. Start a bit earlier in the AM and stay out on the lake until action begins to fade right after mid day. On almost all streams large or small, fish are eagerly seeking terrestrial patterns. Don’t overlook this great way to find action!


South Western Montana 8/11

Hebgen Lake gulpers are going strong! Don’t overlook gulpers on other southwestern Montana lakes. Madison River is fishing very well below Quake Lake: terrestrials, caddis, yellow sallys, some PMDs, you name it.