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South Western Montana

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / South Western Montana (Page 9)

South Western Montana 8-17-09

Spruce moths are now the big addition to trout diets. This holds true on the Madison, Gallatin, Ruby, and Beaverhead drainages.  Tricos are coming on everywhere, too.  On the Madison River just about any type of fly for trout will bring action. Gulpers have been slow to get started, but should pick up any time.


South Western Montana 8-14-09

The Madison River from the Slide Inn area downstream is at its best.  The river between Quake and Hebgen lakes is good, too. But it is much more crowded than below.  On both caddis, PMD life cycle patterms, small nymphs, cranefly patterns, streamers and big nymphs have their time of day.  Hebgen, Quake and Ennis lake gulpers are sparse so far.


South Western Montana 8-10-09

Callibaetis emergence has been slow to develop on Hebgen, Quake and Ennis lakes so far this summer.  Almost in an effort to make up for this, the Madison River has been super fishing.  Terrestrial patterns, caddis, midge, and PMD life cycle patterns, rubberlegs, standard nymphs, cranefly patterns, streamers, and (horros!) San Juan worms: they all are working. Take your pick.


South Western Montana 7-29-09

Big story here is that the Madison River below Slide Inn is fishing as well as ever.  PMD, yellow sally, caddis, attractor, and terrestrial patterns all are bringing success.  Any day now gulper fishing will begin, not only on Hebgen Lake, but along the shallows of Wade  and Elk lakes.   Want to find light weight equipment action on a small stream? Drive up the West Fork of the Madison River where attractor, caddis, and sally patterns will bring bring sure-fire action.


South Western Montana 7-20-09

The big stoneflies are in the 3Dollar Bridge- Slide area of the Madison River, with some showing up between Hebgen and Quake Lake.  A lot of anglers are showing up between the lakes, too.   Some speckled duns are showing up on Hebgen Lake, so the gulper season is not far away.


South Western Montana 7-10-09

Big event here is the giant/golden stonefly event on the Madison River.  They are into the “wade only” section and moving upstream.  Yellow Sallies, PMDs and caddis also provide action up and down the river.  We also hear that there are a few flavs coming out.  If you want crowded fishing try the river between Hebgen and Quake lakes. The stonefly adults will be flying there soon and will bring in even more anglers.  Midging continues to be the best tehnique for taking fish on Hebgen Lake.  All you need to do is find the taking depth.  Some of the smaller streams are really shaping up. This includes Grayling Creek north of West Yellowstone where the fish run to surprising sizes.  Any dry attractor pattern will do the trick there.


South Western Montana 7-07-09

The Madison River stonefly hatch is going in the middle reaches of the river.  And the number of anglers is approaching the number of stoneflies.  It’s a great event, but if you want to get away from the crowds, try the damselfly emergence on Wade Lake, Cliff Lake or Smith Lake or try midging on Hebgen Res.  Want to try a great small stream? Drive a few miles up the West Fork of the Madison River with your light weight rod. You will encounter more fish than anglers. Any attractor, caddisor yellow sally pattern will do the trick!


South Western Montana 7-04-09

Madison River giant & golden stonefly hatch is above the Varney Bridge.  Evening caddis & PMDs action around Raynolds Bridge is worth sampling.  If you enjoy good but crowded fishing try the River between Hebgen Dam and Cabin Creek.  Use big nymphs. The Gallatin is improving and should provide good fishing thanks to caddis & PMDs in about a week.  Midging is the way to find action on Hebgen Lake.  Look for damselfly nymphs to provide action from cutts on Elk Lake.