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Still Water

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Still Waters 3-25-14

Ice is pretty much gone from Chesterfield Reservoir, and countryside is free of snow.  Not much information is currently available on how it is fishing, but early season techniques are the best bet.  That means leech and bugger patterns and anything resembling a dragonfly nymph.  Your favorite midge pupa pattern under an indicator is always an option.  Hawkins Reservoir is also a location to consider. Same thing; try early season techniques.  Daniels Reservoir is ice free, but getting there from Hawkins Reservoir (Dairy Creek Road) is not certain, but going north out of Malad City works.


Still Waters 3/15/14

Springfield Reservoir is fishing quite well these days. Try a very slow troll for best results presenting your favorite leech pattern. Also midge hatches during early AM and evening bring fish into a feeding mode. Springfield is currently one of our few ice-free reservoirs, so expect a certain amount of boating company.


Still Water 11-5-13

Springfield Reservoir has been stocked with the usual amount of catchable rainbows.  After equilibrating to their new conditions these fish, ranging from 16″-19″, are gullible for a while and during that time can be caught on many fly types. We have heard of success on midge pupa patterns under indicators, slow trolled Randy Randolph BLMs size #14, small wooly buggers, and damselfly nymph patterns.


Stillwater 10-22-13

Now is the time to get out and enjoy our local lakes and reservoirs before most of the m freeze up for the winter. We have had good reports from Henry’s Lake, Island Park, Daniels, Springfield, and some okay reports from Chesterfield. Of all the lakes Daniels and Springfield are providing the most action. Springfield has been stocked with its annual fall batch of fish and people are having success fishing with dark leech patterns on full sinking lines or small chironomids under indicators. Daniels has been fishing very well with chrionomid pupa under indicators in water from 5-12ft deep. Most of the fish at both locations are under 20″ but a fair number of larger fish have been taken out of both recently. Henry’s Lake continues to produce when the weather is nice enough to fish (like this week!). People have been having better success in deeper water 8-12 as opposed to the shallow water traditionally fished this time of year. Fly choice doesn’t seem to be terribly important but experiment with different sizes and colors of leech/scud patterns until you find what is working best. In the deeper water you need to fish a full sinking line to get you down where the fish are. Of all the area reservoirs, Chesterfield seems to be fishing a little slower then the others. The water is slightly discolored, but fishable. There aren’t a lot of fish being caught, but the fish being caught have been nice.

The big freeze is coming but until it does, area stillwaters will continue to fish good. Contact us at the shop with any questions you might have and we can get you squared away!


Still Waters 10-8-13

Daniels Reservoir remains the “star of the show” here.  If you do not enjoy presenting midge pupa at the taking depth under an indicator, try your favorite small leech pattern or anything that looks like a damselfly nymph.  The upper end and the east shoreline are good locations to begin fishing.


Still Waters 9-17-13

Here’s a bit more information on southeast Idaho irrigation reservoirs. For the last three weeks Chesterfield and Twenty-Four Mile have been filling but remain low enough to discourage most fishing. Daniels Reservoir offers the best fishing of these because of a minimum conservation pool guaranteed by agreement between water users and IDF&G.  Try midge pupa deep under an indicator or anything that looks like a damselfly nymph also under an indicator. As water levels drop in Island Park Reservoir trout not leaving for the river above are heading towards west end springs . Concentrate your efforts over these, and be sure to try bloodworm patterns under an indicator.


Stillwater 9/16/13

Area Stillwaters are finally starting to show some signs of life after a long, hot summer. With overnight lows dropping into the 40 degree range and colder, things are really going to start picking up. Daniels, Springfield, Sand Creek, and Henry’s Lake have been fishing better as of late. Daniels has been fishing well in deeper water under indicators with chironomids. Sand Creek and Springfield are fishing well under indicators with Chironomids and stripping leeches like the California Leech. Henry’s Lake has been fishing well out in front of the State park in fairly shallow water. Get out there as early as possible and fish a slow sinking line like the camolux from Rio. I would start with a larger, darker leech and then progress to smaller patterns as the sun gets higher in the sky. The weather looks like it is going to significantly cool of Tuesday/Wednesday so get out there and enjoy the best weather and fishing of the year on area stillwaters!


Still Waters 9-7-13

With respect to irrigation reservoirs, Daniels and Springfield Reservoirs remain the best locations to try.  For Springfield, which has big moss beds, try a dry damselfly pattern on top of a channel through the weed beds. For Daniels any damselfly nymph pattern trailed by a small bead head pattern or a midge pupa patten under an indicator are the best bets. Chesterfield Reservoir hosts a huge algae bloom that indicates warm water. Mud flats make for tough access on Twenty-four Mile Reservoir. These conditions make for fewer folks fishing on each, so we have little information to pass on.


Still Waters 8-27-13

With low, warm conditions most still waters are weeding up.   So look for channels in the weeds on where to concentrate your efforts.  If you see adult damsels lighting on the water for egg laying or breeding purposes (and rising fish), that’s a “no brainer” on what to use.  Just waiting for a fish to take a dry damsel adult pattern can be about as interesting as presenting a  mayfly dun pattern on a stream.  Right now Springfield Reservoir is a good candidate for trying this. Look for the channels through the weed beds. Get off to the side of one (never locate on top of a channel), and put that dry damsel on its surface.  We have dry damsel patterns here in the shop, the right tackle for presenting them, and ideas on fishing still waters this time of year. Stop by or get in touch for any of these!


Still Waters 8-12-13

Here’s good news for those enjoying fishing Chesterfield Reservoir.  IDF&G has decided not to issue a salvage order for that reservoir.  The dam is closed, so water is beginning to accumulate in the reservoir.  With less than 15 feet of water at the dam, all we now need is a good snow winter to fill the reservoir and bring back the great fishing it for which it is famed.